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The Collection
Grade Points: 63.85
Completion: 100%
Set Rating: 63.85

Status: #1 Finest

Value: $3 Million

The Park Avenue Collection of
$20 St. Gaudens Double Eagles

The #1 PCGS Registry Set (Retired)

In 2005 the Park Avenue Collection was ranked as the Finest Complete set of $20 St. Gaudens by PCGS Registry and 2nd All time Finest Set by PCGS Registry, passing Louis Eliasberg in the ranking. The Park Avenue Collection, a World Class Collection was honored by PCGS.

Quality, Rarity and Scarcity
This awe inspiring collection was the culmination of years of searching for coins with outstanding eye appeal and considered high end for the grades assigned by PCGS. Only coins with superb eye appeal were considered in building this outstanding collection and each coin in the collection displayed original frosty surfaces with incredible luster. Bob Green, President of Park Avenue Numismatics, who has handled some of the Finest U.S. Gold coins ever known, recently sold the collection.

If you are interested in building a World Class Collection of St. Gaudens Double Eagles or any other series of U.S. Gold Coins please contact us at 1-800-992-9881. We will be happy to discuss in detail the benefits, enjoyment and process of building your own World Class Collection.

Terms of Sale
About Park Avenue
St. Gaudens $20, Circulation Strikes (1907-1932)

Park Avenue Collection
PCGS No. Date Photo Var Grade
9135 1907 High Relief-Wire Ed. MS64
9136 1907 High Relief-Flat Ed. MS64
9141 1907 Saint MS66
9142 1908 NM Wells Fargo Gold MS66
9143 1908-D No Motto MS65
9147 1908 Motto MS65
9148 1908-D Motto MS65
9149 1908-S MS62
9150 1909 MS64
9151 1909/8 MS64
9152 1909-D MS64
9153 1909-S MS65
9154 1910 MS64
9155 1910-D MS65
9156 1910-S MS64
9157 1911 MS64
9158 1911-D MS65
9159 1911-S MS65
9160 1912 MS63
9161 1913 MS64
9162 1913-D MS65
9163 1913-S MS64
9164 1914 MS64
9165 1914-D MS65
9166 1914-S MS65
9167 1915 MS64
9168 1915-S MS65
9169 1916-S MS65
9170 1920 MS64
9171 1920-S MS63
9172 1921 MS62
9173 1922 MS65
9174 1922-S MS64
9175 1923 MS65
9176 1923-D MS64
9177 1924 MS65
9178 1924-D MS63
9179 1924-S MS64
9180 1925 MS65
9181 1925-D MS64
9182 1925-S MS63
9183 1926 MS66
9184 1926-D MS62
9185 1926-S MS64
9186 1927 MS64
9187 1927-D MS63
9188 1927-S MS63
9189 1928 MS65
9190 1929 MS64
9191 1930-S MS63
9192 1931 MS64
9193 1931-D MS62
9194 1932 MS66

The $20 St. Gaudens was first introduced in 1907 with Roman numerals at the date and a high relief design. Later in 1907, the design was modified with the normal date (called an Arabic date) and much lower relief. Late in 1908 the motto "In God We Trust" was added to the reverse.

The $20 St. Gaudens is one of the most popular coins in the world due to its beautiful design. Collectors who would never have the inclination (or the bankroll!) to build a complete set will inevitably buy at least one $20 "Saint." There are many great rarities within the series. The key issues include the 1907 High Relief (MCMVII), 1908-S, 1920-S, 1921, 1924-D, 1924-S, 1925-D, 1925-S, 1926-D, 1926-S, 1927-D (a major rarity), 1927-S, 1929, 1930-S, 1931, 1931-D, and 1932.

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